LAR is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization that is design and operates exclusively for charitable purposes. All members are volunteers who are dedicated to the vision and prosperity that we have all come to believe in. We believed that the best way to overcome any obstacle is through unity and strength.

What began as one man’s vision to unite all athletes has become everyone’s reality.


Recent history has shown that Liberian athletes only come together when a co-member is seriously ill or have died; that is very unfortunate. Athletes should not only come together at such grieving time to interact; we must exhibit social behaviors that interpret good sportsmanship. Click HERE to learn more


The mission is to bring athletes, sports promoters, managers, entertainers and sports enthusiasts together. Click HERE to learn more


LAR seeks to unite past and present athletes. Click HERE to read more


We are a group of individuals who came together to unite, recognized, implement projects. Click HERE to read more


2017 Liberian Athletes Reunion When: June 23-25 Where: Atlanta, GA. Click HERE to read more


We strive for transparency, click HERE to read more